2×4 Outdoor Side Table

Reader submitted photo modified in height, see more photos here

Out 2×4 Outdoor Collection is a reader favorite!  Since so many of you have built the sofa or sectional pieces, we thought we’d add a side table plan to the collection too.

diy outdoor table

All of the plans in the 2×4 Outdoor Sofa collection are available here.

This collection is so popular because:

  • It’s easy to build with just straight cuts, a drill and a saw
  • It’s all 2x4s, so holds up well and is heavy enough to not blow away in the wind
  • Easy to modify to fit spaces and custom needs
  • Can paint or stain just about any color

We love this little side table, because it’s just four 2x4s to build it! It’s sturdy enough to hold a plant or even an occasional guest!

2×4 Outdoor Side Table Build Video

Want to see this project built in video?  Make sure you take a second to watch us build this 2×4 outdoor table.

And then download the free plans below and get it built!

Thank you for using our plans, we love seeing your projects, so please share when you are done!

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